Private Speech Therapist for children in Ashford, Kent



Mrs T, Parent

"My son has really taken to you and smiles so much when I say you're coming round. You've taught me so much about communicating with him and the change in just a few weeks has been phenomenal. I've been so full of worry for him since the day he was born (I was a very anxious parent) and I think I've definitely thrown so much at him in an attempt to make something work. Your approach of just stepping back and letting him take back control has been so successful and I can tell he really enjoys our interactions. We sing nursery rhymes together all the time now and he loves it when I make up stories. He's not just better at communicating, he's happier, more confident and our bond is the strongest it's ever been."

Mrs H, Parent

"Juliette has been a breath of fresh air to us. From the first visit to our recent visit - she is very professional but also makes you feel at ease. She is very knowledgeable and sure knows her stuff - and if she doesn't she takes the time to find out. She has opened our eyes to a whole new way of helping our son that I didn't think was possible. She was so supportive and understanding in our very first session when I broke down in tears but 3 months on I feel so confident and fully understand our son's needs and what techniques work best for him! The progress our son has made over the last 3 months is incredible. We still have a way to go and more work is needed but without Juliette I don't think we would have even got this far! With her help she has taught us to lay the foundations that will help our son to spring board from. She really is amazing I can't thank her enough! What Juliette has taught me in particular is that every child is different and to enjoy them for whatever their capabilities are at the present time. Don't focus on the negative focus on the positives."

Mrs R, Parent

"Thank you for all your time and dedication. We truly appreciate how much you care about our little boy. We'll keep you updated on his progress."

NHS colleagues

"It has been a complete pleasure having you in our team. You have a gentle spirit, refreshing humour and rare insight."

"Your professionalism and integrity shone through every aspect of your work and I will really miss having you as part of our team"

"It was lovely working with you and I just remember how you always saw the strengths in children and how you would adapt to suit their needs."

NHS SLT Manager

"Juliette is talented in many diverse ways. She is intuitive and works in a holistic way, putting children and families before systems. She is able to truly listen to the child at the heart of the session."