Private Speech Therapist for children in Ashford, Kent



Clinical Experience

I have clinical experience of working with speech sounds, language difficulties, stammering, interaction difficulties (verbal and pre-verbal), Autism, DownÔÇÖs Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy across a variety of settings and with children of all ages.

Early Years, NHS, The Rainbow Centre

As an NHS Early Years speech therapist I worked with children with a broad range of speech, language and social communication needs. I worked in multidisciplinary teams alongside families using a variety of evidence based speech and language therapy approaches. These included Intensive Interaction, VERVE Child Interaction, Non Directive Therapy, Phonological interventions, Language Groups and Early Sounds Groups. 

Primary and Secondary, NHS and KCC, Mainstream and Specialist

I have worked in mainstream and specialist schools, delivering speech and language therapy in Ashford and across Kent, with students of all ages and with a wide range of speech, language and communication needs. This involved working closely with SENCOs, teachers and families to deliver individualised therapy plans effectively, in harmony with the school setting and within the context of the curriculum. Settings have included the Laurel Centre ASD hub at The North School, Grange Park School in Borough Green (a specialist Secondary for students with autism) and a range of mainstream primary schools for children in Ashford and its surrounding areas.